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Corporate Laser is offering Digital Technology Printers and Compatible Toners to businesses in the USA. We have five warehouses for fast overnight shipping. Contact us at 866-300-5273 for a quote. If you are paying for OEM toners, we can cut their prices by almost 80% depending on the toner. Save tens of thousands of dollars on toner for big companies. http://www.corporatelaser.com


DTP.com is for sale / rent / development opportunities.

What would you do with DTP.com?

Offers to Domain Broker Scott Neuman at 848-333-8899 USA

or sneuman@recordweb.com


DTP could stand for Drone related Tech Products or Drone Terrain Photos or??? - The UMV market is starting to ramp up around the world for commercial and hobby needs with drones selling for thousands of dollars each and can be used for something other than military needs. The Drone business is turning into a Billion dollar industry. Get your piece.

DTP could stand for DeskTop Publishing – Desktop Publishing is a billion dollar plus industry.

DTP could stand for Direct to Print – Printing to clothing is a billion dollar plus industry.

DTP could stand for Drone Transported Packages - Delivery Systems

DTP could Stand for Doctoral Training Programs - Major Universites offer Doctoral degrees.

DJI had the right idea - This Chinese Drone company shortened their domain name to DJI.com for $300,000.00.

Be the Party company - Down to Party.

Over a million people a year will type DTP into Search Engines looking for your next product or project.

Other possibilities:

Law Firms

Accounting Firms

Medical Supplies 

That hot new App

Desk Top Printers

Dental Applications

Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis Uses

What would you use DTP for?

What have other three letter domain names sold for?

BTC.com sold for $1,000,000

WAN.com sold for $800,000

MOB.com sold for $220,000

TOU.com sold for $194,000 in 2014

DJI.com for $300,000 in 2013

Want to talk about using DTP.com for your next venture or business? Offers are being accepted in the low to mid six figures to start negotiations. We will consider renting the domain name also. All offers must be in writing via email to sneuman@recordweb.com and must include your full name, company, address and phone number so we can contact you. All offers will be presented to our board of directors for approval. Payment will be made to use via Escrow.com or bank wire transfers if accepted and payment is due within 72 hours. If you want to make different financial agreements or need financing, contact us.

Copyright 1999-2015 - DTP.com was registered in good faith in 1999 as a desktop publishing company(DTP) and a generic name and has never been used for anything else. All Rights Reserved – Recordweb Communications LLC C/O DTP-DL Enterprises - Contact info: sneuman@recordweb.com or call 848-333-8899.


Plans for DTP.com / Your Source for 3D Plastic Direct to Print
Recordweb Communications and Corporate Laser in partnership with DTP-DL Enterprises will be bringing you Direct to Print 3D images. You design it and send your design to our 3D printers. You can pick up your designs at our offices or we can ship them to you. Corporate Laser is a respected Printer Service and Sales center and has worked with Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Brother and Konica Minolta in the past. Our customer base is currently from Philadelphia to NYC and in-between. Please feel free to contact Scott Neuman at Recordweb Communications 848-333-8899 with any questions.

Can you use DTP.com?
DTP.com is consider offers to purchase / lease / or ?? DTP.com. We are considering all offers. Contact Scott Neuman at 848-333-8899 for more information.

Drone Topographical Photography for Hire
Real Estate Agents, Private Parties, Concerts and more can be filmed by Drone Topographical Photography. The DTP Co can take as many pictures or video of what you need from heights above the earth without the use of an Airplane. Drones can do and go almost anywhere. If you are in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania and need the services of a qualified drone operator with experience, the DTP company is available by appointment. Contact the DTP Co, or Recordweb Communications at 866-300-5273 or 848-333-8899. All major credit cards accepted.

DTP - Digital Technology Printers and Toner Sales 848-333-8899

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