DTP.com is for sale / lease / development opportunities.

What would you do with DTP.com?

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DTP could stand for DeskTop Publishing – Desktop Publishing is a billion dollar plus industry.

Over a million people a year will type DTP into Search Engines looking for your next product or project.

Other possibilities:

Law Firms

Accounting Firms

Medical Supplies

That hot new App

Desk Top Printers

Dental Applications

Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis Uses

What would you use DTP for?

What have other three letter domain names sold for?

BTC.com sold for $1,000,000

WAN.com sold for $800,000

MOB.com sold for $220,000

TOU.com sold for $194,000 in 2014

DJI.com for $300,000 in 2013

Want to talk about using DTP.com for your next venture or business? All offers must be in writing and must be approved.

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DTP.COM is for sale / lease / development
DTP.com is for sale / lease / development. We are considering all offers. Contact Scott Neuman at 848-333-8899

Learn how easy it is to use your computer for desktop publishing.

Learn DeskTop Publishing

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ito ung ginawa ko kla jorife... asar pa xe biglang nag-hang ung p.c nila at hindi narecover ung nauna qng gnawa na vid... i think mas mganda un kesa d2... an...

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